Kris Erickson

Parent ● Attorney ● Business Owner ● Community Volunteer

As a resident in Orange Unified School District for over 43 years, I have a deep passion for our community and a desire to make a positive difference. My husband of 23 years and I both graduated from OUSD schools. After graduating from El Modena High School, I attended UC Irvine and then went on to earn a law degree. That never would have happened had I not had the opportunity to receive a quality public education. 

My public education, a can-do attitude, and a strong work ethic made it possible to achieve my goals. I come from a working-class family, one not made up of lawyers and doctors. Tremendous family support, teacher support, and community support, set me up to believe I could achieve anything. I want every child in our district to have the same opportunities I had growing up.   

When my husband Kurt and I had children, we knew we wanted to raise them here, in our hometown. We enrolled our daughters in public school, and like us, they attended OUSD schools and are both currently attending college. When we enrolled our children in public school, we took seriously our commitment to being part of making the experience good not only for our children, but for other children as well. 

As a working mom – running my own small business for over 17 years – I always made time to volunteer and model for my children the importance of public service and hard work. In addition to practicing law for over 25 years, I have volunteered extensively in our community, particularly in activities related to OUSD, including:

  • Numerous executive board and committee chair positions for our PTA over the course of 15 years

  • 6 years at two different schools putting on the Staff Appreciation events to honor our hard-working teachers and staff

  • Coaching Mock Trial at several high schools through the Constitutional Rights Foundation

  • 2 years on the Santiago Charter Board, including one as Charter Board President

  • Mentoring at risk youth for the Mentor Meals program and VIP program

  • Serving as an officer for the Title VII Native American Program

  • Fundraising and volunteering for several years to make El Modena Grad Night successful for our graduates

  • Involvement in the El Modena Alumni Association and the Orange Unified Public Schools Foundation

When my eldest daughter started high school, I looked around at the condition of the campus and realized it looked exactly as it had when I attended over 30 years earlier.  I, along with several other concerned parents, got to work and started a grass-roots organization called C.A.R.E., which ultimately led to the passage of Measure S, a high school facilities improvement measure, in 2016.  Our children will now benefit from improved academic facilities. That year, I was awarded the Golden Oak Service Award, the highest honor for service to children and the community that is awarded by California PTA.

My husband and I are both products of OUSD schools. Our kids went to OUSD schools. We believe in the value of public education and have seen firsthand how it can positively impact students and set them up for success.
— Kris Erickson